Our company Redheads has been created for years. We have always wanted to combine our passion and creativity in order to share it with others. This has resulted in our products having a unique appeal.

Our aim is to create articles that stand the test of time. We believe in individuality and accepting uniqueness as ways of expressing ourselves. The products feature our own graphic design drawn by hand, which are then printed on textile and paper. The idea is to produce posters and paper objects in the most economical way, by generating the least amount of paper waste. Our intention is to use recycled paper for our prints.

Our T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, and we use skin-friendly dye for printing. The objective is to create items that are comfortable, items which we ourselves would like to wear.

Zsófi graduated from MOME, Hungary as a graphic designer and she has several years of experience in this field. It has been her passion for illustrations, freehand drawings, paintings and corporate identity design that led her to the creation of our products where all this experience is applied and combined. She has a good ability at selecting materials that are in harmony with her work. She creates designs that are pleasant to wear attracting those for whom individuality is important.

Szilvi, who graduated as an economist, has accumulated over a decade of experience in commerce and management. Thinking globally, she relentlessly aims for excellence. This expertise provided good ground for the establishment of the new brand. Her dedication and professionalism provide excellent basis for a cooperation like Redheads.