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I. General Information

1.1. Seller’s information

The Operator of webshop and website:

Company name: Grumpy Kft.
Registered seat: 2049 Diósd, Krisztina tér 2.

Managing Director: Szilvia Ispán

Tax Registration Number: 27028346-2-13

Company Registration Number: 13-09-201006
Hosting Provider’s name: Sikó Bálint E.V. (Sole Proprietor)

Hosting Provider’s Registered Seat: 1026, Budapest, Pasaréti út 33.
Hosting Provider’s email address:


1.2. Definitions

Seller: the legal person specified under 1.1. that provides the sales services for the goods in the Webshop

Buyer: the natural or legal person or organisation without a legal entity who/which enters into a Sales Contract with the Website

The Parties: the Contracting Parties to the Sales Contract, the Seller and Buyer jointly referred to as the Parties

Sales Contract: the Sales Contract between the Parties for the transfer of ownership of goods selected by Buyer in the Webshop

User: the Visitor of the Webshop

Merchandise: the product offered for Seller in the Webshop

Purchase price: the gross price VAT included, at which price Seller offers the goods for sale

Delivery: the delivery of goods subject of the Sales Contract to Buyer (or their agent) at the address indicated by Buyer

Delivery company: the courier service in contractual agreement with Seller

Shipping fee: the amount payable in addition to the purchase price for the delivery of goods

Webshop: a distant service provided electronically for consideration that the recipient of the service has individual access to


1.3. The general introduction of the Webshop

Seller and Buyer enters into a Sales Contract upon purchase in the Webshop.

The condition for purchase in the Webshop is for Buyer to accept this General Terms and Conditions as binding by issuing a legal statement during the order process.

As provided for in the General Terms and Conditions, upon purchase in the Webshop Buyer makes a purchase offer and the Parties enter into a Sales Contract when Seller confirms this offer. The Sales Contract is not a written agreement, it is created through a legal statement taken by electronic means. Seller keeps a numbered record of the Sales Contract until the last day of the 6th calendar day following the date of purchase. The date of purchase is the date when the order was confirmed. 
The Sales Contract is governed by Hungarian law.

Unless otherwise provided for, no access to the Webshop or any content thereof may be interpreted as any license or authorisation for the indirect, implied or any other use of the intellectual property displayed on the Website without written consent of the Operator or an appropriate third party. The Operator does not provide the User any expressed or implied right in regards to the intellectual property featured on the Website by Operator or third parties. User may not copy, reproduce (either by creating hyperlinks or with any other method), modify, rent or rent out, sell, prepare derivative works, upload, forward or distribute the content without prior written consent from the Operator or an appropriate third party. It is also forbidden to present the intellectual property of the Webshop in its original or transcribed form in any media, to broadcast or transfer it as a whole or in parts, or store it on a computer.

If it is not specifically indicated by the Operator, the materials seen and read in the Webshop are subject to copyright, and their use without written permission from the Operator is forbidden, unless otherwise stipulated by the General Terms and Conditions or the description on the Webshop. The images, photographs and illustrations featured in the Webshop are either the property of Operator or they are licensed for the use thereof. Any unauthorised use of the images may breach copyright laws, trademarks, privacy rights, advertisement legislation, media regulations and laws. Unauthorised use has criminal and civil law consequences. The Operator may demand the discontinuation of the infringement and the compensation of their damage.

However, the Operator allows certain materials on the Webshop or the parts thereof to be featured, downloaded or printed for non-commercial use. Intellectual property information in materials downloaded from the Webshop may not be modified or deleted.


II. The purchase process (The conclusion of the electronic Sales Contract)


2.1. The presentation of goods, prices and special offers

All the merchandise in the Webshop are featured with images and a description that help the Buyers in their purchase and the selection of goods. However, please note that the images in the Webshop serve as illustration only, the actual products may differ from these images.

The prices featured in the Webshop are gross unit prices in EURO , VAT included and are applicable for one product. The indicated prices do not include shipping costs.

The Webshop reserves the right to change prices without any prior notification. Our prices and product offer are subject to change. If there is a price change the ordered goods are delivered at the price applicable at the time of order.

The Webshop may offer promotions, which are clearly featured in terms of relevant products and the related discounts. A special sale offer is valid until the indicated date or while the stocks lasts.


2.2. The selection of goods, the purchase process

The Buyer may click on the image of the product and read its detailed description in order to facilitate the Buyer’s decision. For the selection of the merchandise click on “Add to cart”. Additional merchandise may be selected, added or removed from the cart or the purchase can be finalised and the order sent.

If the Buyer has completed the selection of the goods, they must provide the information required for the purchase (Buyer’s name, shipping address, email address, phone number).

Seller may request Buyer to provide personal identification data and their permanent address for the purposes of concluding the Sales Contract, the definition or modification of its content, the monitoring of its performance, the invoicing of the related and incurred charges, and the management of related claims. The Privacy Statement of Seller includes the related provisions.

After all data required for the purchase is provided and prior to the finalising of the order Buyer can modify its order, remove items, change item numbers or order additional merchandise. It is also possible to check and, if necessary, correct Buyer’s information.

If the Buyer approves of the order and the provided data then the order is finalised by placing it.

By ordering the merchandise Buyer undertakes a purchase obligation, which forms the basis of confirmation from the Seller, and the Sales Contact is entered into by the Parties. The purchase obligation is valid until the order is confirmed, but not longer than 48 hours.

After finalisation the order can no longer be cancelled electronically. Buyer may request the cancellation of the order by sending an email at The cancellation of the order is possible only prior to the mailing or the delivery of the merchandise to the courier service.

In case of custom orders the order is finalised when the full purchase price has been paid in advance.

2.3. Order confirmation


The system immediately sends an email that confirms the receipt of the order. The Webshop confirms the order no later than 48 hours after the receipt thereof by sending a separate electronic mail to the email address provided by Buyer, and the Sales Contract is entered into by the Parties. The confirmation includes the list of ordered merchandise and their price, the name and shipping address provided by Buyer, the shipping fee and the registration number of the order. If the confirmation is not sent within 48 hours, the Buyer is exempt from its purchase obligation.

Seller reserves the right to delete Buyer’s data upon the receipt of orders if the authenticity of the data is questionable or the data cannot be interpreted, and declare orders sent with such data as invalid.


2.4. Shipping fee

Buyer receives appropriate information on the shipping fees prior to the finalisation of the order, and the shipping fee – subject to the shipping method opted by Buyer – is indicated on the invoice issued by Seller.

The shipping fee is payable together with the merchandise in case of ‘cash on delivery’.


2.5. Payment

In the Webshop payment is possible with all major credits card or bank transfer in advance.

In the case of payment by credit card have the option to select Master Pass option.
Using Master Pass:
After placing the selected products in the shopping cart, payment methods are the "Buy with Master Pass" option to enter a telephone number only. This after a specified phone number assigned to an application message arrives for the purchase and the approval of the client with one touch by selecting a registered credit card with which the payment you want to use.The transaction is to enable the granting of mPIN code is required by the user himself given earlier in the registration application.A successful payment, a customer receives a confirmation in the form of information on the website.
Why is it advantageous:
Click on the dealer side of the Master Pass button on your phone Master Pass to run only once-enter the credit card information, you do not have to type each purchase them again, so the potential for error is reduce.
In the application, issued by any bank, MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit or debit card can be registered. (Please any registration unsuccessful in case of , contact your card-issuing bank for more information.)


2.5.1. Cash on delivery (c.o.d.)

The purchase price of the accepted order is payable in cash to the courier upon receipt of the merchandise.


2.5.2. Bank transfer

Bank’s name and address: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 6. Hungary

Bank account number: 12010611-01539566-00100002

IBAN: HU42 12010611-01539566-00100002


2.6. Shipping

The delivery of merchandise to the shipping address is carried out by GLS courier service. The provisions of the Delivery Contract entered into by Seller and the Courier are applicable for delivery of the merchandise.

Shipping in Hungary
Generally orders will be received within 5 working days.

Shipping Internationally

    •  Orders are dispatched within 48 hours of placement.
    •  Orders are shipped using Fedex Post Air Mail.
    •  Generally orders will be received within 10 working days, although certain destinations may take longer.

The delivery is completed when Seller delivers the merchandise to Buyer or their agent at the shipping address. The risk shall pass to Buyer upon delivery.


?We recommend not hanging your item in direct sunlight, and using two hooks in each top corner per frame for hanging. We also recommend using acid free tape if you are framing the print yourself to avoid yellowing the print.


III. The right of cancellation

3.1. Cancellation rights of Seller

Seller is entitled to cancel the Sales Contract even if the price of the merchandise was featured incorrectly, and the Buyer finalised their order at the wrong price, or if an order for a merchandise was confirmed that is out of stock or Seller is no longer able to obtain it within a reasonable period. In case of cancellation Seller sends its statement to Buyer via email, and the Customer Service of Seller immediately contacts Buyer for the purposes of negotiating the replacement of the ordered merchandise with other merchandise and to modify the Sales Contract accordingly.


3.2. Cancellation rights of Buyer

If Buyer wants to cancel the Contract, they must send an unambiguous statement on their intention (electronically or by post) to any of the following addresses: 2049 Diósd, Krisztina tér 2. 2.; e-mail:

The cooling-off period expires 14 days after the confirmation of receipt of delivery by Buyer or a third person appointed by Buyer, other than the carrier.

Buyer exercises their right of cancellation/termination within the deadline, if they send their statement on the withdrawal prior to the expiry of the deadline indicated above.


3.3. The legal effects of cancellation

The refund can be retained until the product is received by Seller or Buyer confirmed in a satisfactory manner that they sent the merchandise to Seller. From the two dates, the earlier date shall be applicable.

The deadline is considered to be kept if the merchandise is mailed by post prior to the expiry of the 14 days.

Seller is obliged to repay the full purchase price to Buyer only if the returned merchandise is undamaged, unused and its packaging is complete. The costs arising from damaged packaging shall be borne by Buyer. Seller is not responsible for merchandise that disappeared during the return transfer.

The cancellation right of Buyer is not applicable for custom or made-to-measure orders.


IV. Modification of the Contract

Instead of exercising their right of cancellation, the Parties have the option to modify the Sales Contract by mutual consent. Buyer may request the modification of the Sales Contract and the replacement of the merchandise in writing. Seller is not obliged to approve the request for a replacement. If the Parties agree on a product replacement, the cost of delivery and returning the merchandise shall be borne by Buyer.

Seller may request the modification of the Sales Contract if the ordered merchandise is out of stock and they want to replace it with a different merchandise. Such a change must be approved by Buyer in writing (via email).


V. The handling of complaints

If Buyer has any comments or complaints regarding the operation of the website, the information contained therein or the purchase they may report it to Seller via email, phone or postal letter:

Company name: Grumpy Kft.

Postal address: 2049 Diósd Pf. 20.


Seller shall properly investigate each complaint, and shall report about their finding to Buyer no later than 30 days after the receipt of the complaint. If Buyer is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, they may refer to the supervisory authorities.


VI. Newsletter sign-up

Visitors of the Webshop can subscribe for Seller’s newsletter by entering their name and email address. Seller sends regular information related to the goods sold and the services offered to Buyers who subscribed to the newsletter.
Personal data provided at subscription is processed in accordance with the provisions set out in the Privacy Statement. Buyer may request to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, by clicking on the subscribe link that is included in the newsletters. In this case, Seller deletes the name and email address of Buyer from their list, and no more newsletters are sent to this address.


VII. Applicable law and the settlement of legal disputes

The Sales Contract concluded by the Parties shall be governed by Hungarian law.

The Parties seeks to amicably resolve their legal disputes arising from the Sales Contract.

Buyer may refer to the competent conciliation board.

Pest County Conciliation Board

Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. II. em. 240.

Phone and Fax no: (+ 36 1) 269 0703(+ 36 1) 784 3076

Email address:

If the settlement of the dispute is not viable out of court, the Parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the court competent in the matter based on the registered seat of Seller.



VIII. The scope of the General Terms & Conditions, final provisions

The scope of the General Terms & Conditions applies to Seller and Buyer. The General Terms & Conditions do not apply to the financial institution conducting the payment or the carrier service provider.

A legal relationship is formed between Seller and Buyer when Buyer finalises their order, and as part of that Buyer accepts the General Terms & Conditions of this Service, and Seller confirms the order to Buyer by electronic means.

The General Terms & Conditions becomes effective upon the publishing thereof on the website. Buyer can save or print the General Terms & Conditions applicable.
The General Terms & Conditions are valid for an indefinite term.

In matters not stipulated in the General Terms & Conditions the relevant provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code shall be applicable.

Seller reserves the right to change in whole or in part the General Terms & Conditions at any time. The General Terms & Conditions and its modifications become effective and shall remain in force until the Provider provides the Webshop s