Privacy Statement

The webshop and website operator hereby informs the visitors of the webshop and thewebsite (hereina er: ‘the Site’) about its personal data processing practices, the measures taken to protect thedata and the related rights of visitors and their enforceability options.

The data is processed by Grumpy Kft. (hereina er: Operator) (Registered seat: 2049 Diósd, Krisztina tér2.)

The data protection registration number of Grumpy Kft.:NAIH-107182/2016

In developing these rules the company took into account the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right ofInformational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, Act CXIX of 1995 on the Use of Nameand Address Information Serving the Purposes of Research and Direct Marketing, Act VI of 1998 on the Pro-tection of Individuals during the Automatic Processing of Personal Data, the promulgation of the Conventionentered into force in Strasbourg on 28 January 1981 and the provisions of Act XLVIII of 2008 on the BasicRequirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities and the recommendations of“ONLINE PRIVACY ALLIANCE”.

 is Privacy Statement contains basic information relevant to the handling, processing and registration ofpersonal data eventually provided by User during the use of Operator’s website.
If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, before you use the website contactthe Operator at

The Operator reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. The Privacy Statement and itsmodi cations become e ective upon their publication on the website. Following the modi cations of thePrivacy Statement all Users shall be informed in an appropriate manner (via newsletter or a popup windowupon login). By further use of the service the Users acknowledge the modi ed data processing rules, no fur-ther consent is required from them.

The Operator is responsible for the processing of personal data provided by the User on the website.

If the Operator requests personal data from the visitor of the website (hereina er: Visitor), the followingprovisions are applicable.

1. Requesting data

User doesn’t have to provide personal data for visiting the website, but they have to provide speci c personalinformation to the Operator in order to use certain services.

Depending on the service, Operator may require the following personal data:
- the  rst and last name of User
- date and place of birth
- the email address, permanent and temporary residence of the User, for Legal entities the company data- the product category purchased by User

- the method of payment and delivery opted by User
- the itemised list of purchases made by User
- User’s experience in relation to the website and the products.

2. The scope of processed data
Data technically recorded during the system’s operation: data of the User’s computer that is generated during

the use of the service, which the Operator’s system records as a result of the automated technical processes.Upon entering and exiting the system, it automatically records data without explicit consent or action onUser’s part. Such data – with the exceptional cases when law requires it – can not be linked to other personalinformation. Only the operator has access to the data.

Data provided during the use of the website is processed with voluntary consent by User.
The Operator expressly requests that, in accordance with the provisions of the e ective Hungarian legislation,minors would not conduct business on the website without the permission of a parent or legal representative.

3. The purpose of data processing

Data processing ensures the continuous connection between the User and the Operator and the provision ofservices o ered on the website. Personal data is used and processed exclusively in order to provide a betterservice, in particular to:
- deliver newsletters

- provide information on website updates
- answer questions asked through the website- develop the website’s content.

The time of the visit, the type of browser and operating system are recorded solely for statistical purposes. e Operator keeps all data and facts related to the Users as con dential, and they use such data only to im-prove the services, sell advertisement surfaces, carry out own research and prepare statistical report.
These reports are only published in a format that is not suitable for the identi cation of the individual Users.

Operator does not transmit, publish, sell, rent or make accessible to third parties the personal data of Users,unless it is required for purposes set out in this Privacy Statement or required by law.

When entering their personal data, Users have the option to indicate that such data may not be used for di-rect marketing purposes by the Operator.
4. The duration of data processing

The processing of personal data provided by the User shall persists until a request to unsubscribe is sent fromthat user name. The date of deletion is 5 working days following the receipt of the request to unsubscribe. Ifthe personal data was used in an illegal, fraudulent way, Operator shall be entitled to delete the User’s dataconcurrently with the termination of the User’s registration.

Operator may manage the personal data provided by the User, even if the User does not unsubscribe from theservice, until the User explicitly requests the termination of the processing of their personal data in writing. e request of User to terminate the processing of their personal data without unsubscribing from the servicedoes not a ect their right to use the service. However, in the absence of their personal data User may not beable to use the services.

5. Data processors

The workers of Operator may access the personal data provided by the User.
Besides their workers the Operator does not transmit personal data to a third party.  is does not apply toany obligatory or statutory data transmissions, which may occur only in exceptional cases.

6. User rights relating to the processing of their personal information

The legal ground for the data processing is the voluntary consent of Users.
Users may request information on the processing of their personal data. Information may be requested at the

following addresses of the Operator:
Registered seat: 2049 Diósd, Krisztina tér 2.
Users may request the correction or deletion of their data at the contact information above.

7. Enforcement options

If a User’s right for the protection of their personal data is breached by the Operator, they can enforce theirclaim before a court or they can request assistance from the Data Protection Supervisor. Act LXIII of 1992 onthe Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest contains further information onlegal enforcement.